Vulnerability is to be courageous to speak authentically when risking being hurt or shamed.

True vulnerability creates connection when everyone remains with an open heart and a desire to understand. Here's a story to demonstrate just that.

Jennifer Agostini

12/30/20221 min read

Last night, I shared something with my tribe here on the small little island I've been living on next to Bali.

I shared something that I have been experiencing for a few months now and haven't admitted to anyone. I shared something that was weighing on me, making me feel heavy on a daily.

What I shared isn't important. How I felt sharing is what is.

When I started to open up to my tribe, they listened to me with love and understanding. They kept their hearts and minds open, and I felt it as I shared something deeply personal. Once I was finished, my tribe responded with questions, gratitude for sharing, perspective based on experience, and offers for as much support as I could possibly need.

I was safe. I was supported. This share brought us all closer together. And, it helped my healing journey as the thing that I had been challenged by for months, dissipated massively the next day. It's like I discovered a healing method for that particular wound, overnight.

The next day, I spoke with a friend in this tribe. I found out that my share not only brought us all closer together, but he opened up about something similar that he'd been experiencing. Because I was vulnerable, he felt safe to be vulnerable too.

And you know what? He felt an alleviation of pain, as well.

Vulnerability (in safe containers) creates connection... and it also creates healing.

Are you in for connection and healing today? How will you show up vulnerable?