"Jenn is an intuitive queen who asks all the right questions and understands the deeper issues of our human life. She is so wise, caring and knowledgeable. I had a lot of self-doubt and challenges with my family before working with her. Her work empowered me to live a really fulfilling life, especially in my relationships and art. She has a grounding, soft, and present energy that has guided me to live in alignment with my life's purpose. Her work is a full-body YES. You have stumbled upon a gem!"

- Emily McGill, Australia (student & client)

“Jenn holds such a sacred and safe space, making me feel comfortable to be transparent. Through working with her, I've been able to reveal subconscious thought/behaviour patterns and see/discover a new perspective. I went from feeling stuck and uneasy to empowered and purposeful. Throughout the sessions, she is thoroughly present, non-judgmental and compassionate. I really couldn’t recommend her more, by far the best and most authentic healer I have had the good fortune to connect with. Her love, positivity, kindness and peaceful disposition is infectious. She makes it all feel so fun too! I am forever grateful for you Jenn!"

- Jenna Fawcett, South Africa (coaching client)

"This experience with Jenn changed my life and helped accelerate my growth and connection to my Highest Self in ways I didn't know were possible. I felt so stuck in my shadows and disconnected from my Self. I was a student of Jenn's for years before working 1-1 with her. So when I wanted support I knew exactly who to go to. The work she guided me through brought so many smiles and purpose back into my life! It helped me through one of the hardest times of my life. I feel like a new person and I can't thank her support enough. There are no words to express how grateful I am to Jenn."

- Leo Werner, Germany (student & client)

"Working with Jenn has been crucial for me in discerning my inner voice amidst the pressures of society and other people in my life. I find that after each session, I feel more joyful, connected, and calm. By virtue of her methodologies, the vision that aligns with my Highest Self becomes increasingly clear every time. I feel comfortable speaking openly and frankly, without any fear of judgement, even if my viewpoint or desire is unconventional. Because of this, I was able to surrender to my own power and trust in my own path. I feel like I'm finally my Highest Self. The world needs you, Jenn!"

- Lisa C., USA (coaching client)

"Jenn has been in my life since 2019 and the shift that's happened within me is indescribable. There were things about myself that I thought I could never break down and rebuild, but working with Jenn has proved that I am capable of anything. I will always treasure what she has taught me and continues to share with me because I can use these tools in my everyday life. It is thanks to her that I now understand what it is to radically love myself."

- Gretchen Conyers, Bermuda (coaching client)

"Jenn is a loving and caring person that will support you in your personal and spiritual empowering journey. She's so good at what she does. I am so happy to have stumbled upon her as a yoga student in Pai, Thailand in 2018. Before attending her class, I would have never expected everything she delivered to me. She became my coach for 6 months, my meditation teacher, and my facilitator of two programs she developed based on yogic principles. Her work positively inspired my view of the world and is what I needed to grow spiritually and gain inner peace. I gained so much wisdom. Years later, she is and stays as one of my role models and I am privileged to have met her!"

- Noemie Kunkler, France (student & client)

"Jenn is absolutely amazing. I knew after our first session she was my gal! I really connect and align with her coaching methods. Her voice, wisdom, and passion really take our sessions far. After every session, I feel refreshed - like I unlocked a new level within because she guides me through my challenges/obstacles and allows me to find my own answers. Jenn is committed to holding space and growth and I love having the opportunity to connect with her and even develop a friendship!"

- Michelle Argentieri, Canada (coaching client)

“I continuously admire Jenn’s ability to hold space and deeply listen during our sessions together. I have been working with Jenn’s coaching program for over 4 months now and I am blown away by the ongoing lessons and insights Jenn has shared and guided me with integration into my life. In the beginning, I didn’t know what to expect when I made this commitment to myself. Since, I have discovered a deeper, more well-rounded sense of self-love, greater clarity on my values, goals and future visions, communicative and relational skills that I will carry with me forever... amongst many other tools and practices that were tailored to the seasons of my life through this program. Feeling heard and being held accountable in our sessions is one of my greatest medicines. I am eternally grateful for this coaching relationship!”

- Maddie Lyons, Australia (coaching client)

“Jenn is a yoga rock star. Her yoga classes are filled with a great style of teaching, fun and dynamic. No room for boredom here as Jenn guides you through a wonderful sequence every time. I learned that her classes are not pre-planned, but adjusted to the audience and delivered in such a way that makes it look like she's taught that specific class/sequence a hundred times. I love her enthusiasm and humour which rings through her classes and radiates from her cool, quirky, Canadianness. I really appreciate Jenn's warm approach of checking in and connecting with everyone, one-to-one at the beginning of class. Her adjustments and cues are delivered and demonstrated with such ease, which makes them so effective. Thanks for everything, Jenn.”

- Geoff Brennan, Ireland (yoga student)

"Working with Jenn was a re-connection to (my own) source. Her soft and protecting energy created a safe container that enabled me to explore my inner heart-felt desires and connect to the divine feminine power within me. I admire her for her open heart and her radiating light. Whenever life gets tough, only imagining her by my side, calms me enormously and makes me trust that I can handle every challenge I am facing in this life. Jenn to me is an angel that serves this world in human form."

- Lara Laporte, Germany (coaching client)