Something that AI will never do for you (and this is how you can do it for youself)

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4/19/20232 min read

The world of AI is becoming stronger and more powerful. It’s helpful for a lot of things such as content writing, generating images, writing books, and creating Tarot and Oracle decks (something I’m currently doing with AI with my publishing business).

Something that AI will never do for you is the one single thing that brings people the greatest amount of happiness. Do you know what that is?

Remember that famous 85-year Harvard study that was embarked upon in 1938 where they followed 724 participants from all over the world? They wanted to discover the number one thing that contributed to a long and happy life.

This number one thing was creating and deepening positive and meaningful relationships. Unfortunately, AI will never be able to give us that, no matter how much we develop it.

AI will never have a heart.

AI has its purpose, and giving you the space to create meaningful relationships is not something it will do for you. It may direct you how to do this, but it doesn’t actually care about you.

So if there is a relationship in your life that you’d like to deepen, this is for you (by the way, I didn’t ask AI to generate the answer to this for me LOL).

Sit with the person that you love and want to create a deeper connection with. It’s important that both of you are willing to do this, so ensure there is consent and you aren’t forcing it upon one another.


This can feel daunting for some people. It’s not an easy thing to look in the eye of someone and just sit with them, in silence. Allow yourself to be seen, allow yourself to see.

If you are newer to this practice, start with 30 seconds, if you’d like to go a bit deeper, push it to 3, 5, or 10 minutes. The eye is known to be the gateway to the Soul.


Take turns speaking uninterrupted for 20 minutes. You can talk about anything you want. If you are silent, the other person listens to your silence. Set a timer for 20 minutes, one person goes at a time. Allow yourself to just be present with one another. Listen without judgement and with complete acceptance.

This practice is here to make you both feel seen, heard, and understood. It will do just that.


Ask your loved one a question that you feel genuinely curious about. Ask an open-ended question such as, “What’s something that you wish you could do right now?” or “How do you feel about me right now?” or “If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be?” or anything! It doesn’t matter what you ask. It just matters that you ask something you care about hearing the answer to.

Give space for them to answer and listen fully. Ask follow up questions or new questions entirely. Ask 3 questions in total and then switch.


Express your gratitude for the person in front of you and frame it something like this, “I am thankful for ____ because it brings me _____.” What’s most important here is that you state what you are grateful for and why you are grateful for it. For example, if you are grateful for this person’s openness, explain why. Does it inspire you to be more open? Did it help you to release judgement? Does it support you to experience greater acceptance of yourself? What does it actually bring you?

Say as many things as you wish for your gratitude! This is such a high-vibey experience.


I would suggest doing this process in this order. It is so rich and will definitely bring you into a more positive and meaningful relationship with one another.

Happy relating!

With an open heart,