5 Positive Impacts Mirror Work Can Have on Your Daily Life

Mirror work is one of the most direct ways of creating and nurturing a healthy relationship with ourselves... and cultivating a more radical form of self-love.


1/1/20233 min read

About 7 years ago, I stood in front of the mirror, uncertain of what I was about to do because it genuinely felt so weird for me to be speaking to myself. I remember standing in front of the mirror when I was about 10-years-old and pretending that I had a boyfriend on the other side of the mirror and I would speak to him đŸ¤£ But that was kind of as far as I would go when it comes to mirror work.

7 years ago, I was in my first yoga teacher training. One of my co-yogis told me about a practice that she did daily. She was always in such a high vibration in the early mornings as we would start our cleansing practice at 5:30am. I would always fall into this practice, still half-asleep, waking up as I poured water through one nostril and it would fall out the other (knows as "Jala Neti" and a traditional cleanse, or "kriya" practice in India).

"So this is why you always seem so vibrant so early in the mornings?" I asked her.

She laughed, "I didn't realize that it was that obvious."

"What do you do?" I needed to know what exactly lit her up so potently every morning. She went on to tell me about the process that she went through. Among many other statement, she would repeat "I love you" to herself at least 10 times—sometimes every 100 times! đŸ˜±

I began to do it daily and it impacted my life so quickly in ways that I could have never imagined. Since then, I've played with this practice on-and-off for years and I can assure you that I know a vibrant difference when I choose to do it.

If you want to try this out, start by telling yourself every morning 10 times, "I love you" in the mirror. If you want to go a little bit deeper, contact me here, title the subject, "Mirror Work Meditation Request" and I will send you a little gift: a free mirror work meditation to bring you into a DELICIOUS space of self-love.

ALRIGHT! So, here are only 5 of the many impacts mirror work can have on your daily life:

One: You actually start loving yourself more.

Crazy, right? When you affirm yourself every single day that you love yourself, when you remind yourself that you are loveable, eventually, you're going to start believing it and feeling it exponentially each time you do it. Then, you literally overflow with love and everyone around you begins to feel the love that you are giving to yourself.

Two: You feel more worthy.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but this is something that I have discovered so many of us struggle with. Maybe we will feel worthy of certain things that are easily in reach, but unworthy of other things. For example, we believe we are worthy of getting a partner, but unworthy of getting an AMAZING partner. This may not be the case for you in this particular area, but notice the area that you may feel worthy of partial success, but not full success.

By doing mirror work, we are giving ourselves conscious time every single day of proving to ourselves that we are worthy of taking that time each day, we are worthy of being told so continuously how loved we are, we are worthy of being admired.

Three: You physically become healthier.

Overtime, you will notice your body start to change. Especially if you start to bring into play things like, "I love you, body. I love my belly. I love my legs..." even if it doesn't feel genuine at first. When we love our bodies, our bodies feel it. Our bodies become healthier and happier. Think of the rice experiment by Dr. Emoto. The rice felt the vibrations that were being given to it—the rice that was loved was clean and fairly fresh; the rice that was hated was mouldy and unedible.

Your body hears the way you speak to it.

Four: You feel less stressed.

Some of you may know that anxiety is something that crippled me for many years. I still deal with it some days, but I have my ways of coping with it and I know now how to navigate through it in both a reactive (when necessary), but mostly a proactive way. Mirror work is one of these tools I use regularly. Of course, it is an excellent way of proactively cultivating a calmer mind. It is also a beautiful way to ground into my Higher Self when I am feeling uneasy. I will affirm myself things like, "I love you. You are safe. You are secure. You are held. You are loved. You have an incredible community that wants the best for you. You are incredible. I love you."

It works. Every f*cking time.

Five: You become your Highest Self.

This. SERIOUSLY. This. I swear it's magic. You talk to yourself with such a genuinely high intention (even if you don't necessarily feel in that vibration straight away) that you actually begin to be embodied by your truest and most divine nature: your Highest Self, that person that is so unconditionally loving and admirable. When this happens, magic happens. Abundance blocks start to be released, romantic aligned partnership starts to step in, serendipity becomes more common, opportunities present themselves.

When I do mirror work daily for more extended periods of time... I quite literally AM my Highest Self.

So, I ask you... when will you start doing your mirror work? How about... now?! đŸ˜‰